Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Okay, so I have been a little ill and a little busy over the past few weeks.  Also, I have been struggling  with setting up my blog...Up until now I was using my iPad  and it was frustrating!  Literally 3/4 of the reason I haven't been posting anything. But no more excuses...

I bought myself a Valentines, Easter, Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas gift (for the next 3 years:)..

Yes, I nearly fainted as the total was rang up. Yes, I nearly turned the car around to return it.  And yes, it is NOTHING like an iPad. Which I was kind of expecting.
It is definitely going to take some time to learn!!  But I'm up for the challenge because as I'm sitting here typing this, I feel good. I feel like I will open this thing up everyday and write!! And that is what I have been wanting to feel since I decided to start this blog!!!

Anyway, I've added my Pinterest link and also my Instagram (which I just started so not much there), so check them out if you would like!!

I will be back tomorrow, I PROMISE, to show you a few cards I've been working on!!

Thanks and see you tomorrow!!!


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